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Amelia Wilde

The Hill Brothers Series Bundle

The Hill Brothers Series Bundle

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“I’ll save your family’s company, but I want you in exchange. All of you. Every Friday night until the project is complete.”

Mason Hill has long lusted after revenge. When his family was decimated, the one person he turned to in their hour of need offered him just one thing: the cold shoulder.

But now the tables have turned. Charlotte Van Kempt will do anything to keep her family afloat—and that’s exactly what the dangerous-looking billionaire in front of her is asking. 

Mason’s brother Gabriel was equally tortured by their family’s downfall—only he’s haunted by dark secrets he hides behind perfectly pressed shirts.

But using innocent Elise to seek revenge comes with its own dangers. Not least of all because Gabriel appears to be developing a craving that only her sweetness can satisfy.

Neither man will rest until payment has been exacted.

But revenge comes with a heavy price, and they’ll pay with their hearts.

Net Worth Look Inside

“Not just one night, Ms. Van Kempt. Every Friday until the project is complete.”

I swallow, and his eyes drop down to where his hand is a quarter inch from my beating pulse. “And you’ll make sure Cornerstone gets built? There will be a schedule? We’ll sell the property after it’s done?”

“Your cut will be enough to dig Daddy out of debt and then some.”

A nod that he barely allows. “What are you going to do to me?”

The smile is a sunset that burns down into a glittering night. All of those grins, all of those smirks—they were hiding what was underneath.

His expression now makes my pulse race. It makes my face burn.

I’m terrified. Humiliated.


I can’t say it. Can’t think it. Can’t let him be right one more time.

“Are you sure you want to know, Ms. Van Kempt?”

“Yes,” I whisper.

He leans in close and lets his breath brush the shell of my ear. Lets his grip on my chin tighten by slow degrees until I gasp. “Whatever I fucking want.”

Mason seals this promise with a deep, vicious kiss. So hard that I cry out into his mouth. So violent that I kiss him back.

He pulls back far enough to study me. His eyes burn my skin. “You’re not finished yet,” he says.

I know what he wants.

He told me himself at our very first meeting. He’d planted the vision in my head. Me, on my knees. It might be better that way. His bruising grip on my face means I can’t hide.

There’s no distance.

He wants me to beg.

My mouth goes dry. “Please.”

Mason scoffs. “You don’t want this.”

It feels like blades on my insides.“Please. Offer us a deal. Offer—offer me a deal.”

“I’m still not convinced, Ms. Van Kempt.”

“I don’t know how to do this. I don’t know.” I’m not a person who gets panicked, but he makes me feel that way. He makes uncertainty rise until it crests. “No one has ever made me—”

“Figure it out,” he snaps. “You’ll do many things for me that you haven’t done before. Start now, before I lose interest. You’re very pretty, but too proud.”

Tears prick my eyes. “Please sign a deal with me. Please, please, please.”

He shakes my face, a quick, possessive jerk that makes my skin combust. “If you’re going to beg, you’ll need to include a reason. What do you want, Ms. Van Kempt, and why?”

A single tear escapes and runs down my cheek. “Please sign a deal with me,” I beg, my voice choked with fear—with more than fear. “Please. Because you’re the only one in the city who can—you’re the only one who can save us. We need you. I need you.”

He drops his hand and steps away.

This bundle contains:

The Wealth Trilogy: He's waited fourteen years for revenge. But it's not his enemy who comes to settle the score...It's his enemy's daughter.

☑ The Power Trilogy: She’s his ticket to the truth — and the reason for his downfall. This bundle contains Power Play, Fair Game, and Upper Hand. 

☑ The Risk Trilogy: When love takes you hostage, what’s the correct response: fight or flight? This bundle contains Flight Risk, Close Call, and a preorder for Plain Sight, releasing in 2024!

Note: This bundle contains a free preorder for Plain Sight, releasing in 2024! It'll be delivered to your e-reader upon release. 

Full List of Books Included

☑ Net Worth

Hostile Takeover

☑ Binding Contract

Power Play

☑ Upper Hand

☑ Fair Game

FREE: Flight Risk

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