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Amelia Wilde

The Ultimate Billionaire Bundle

The Ultimate Billionaire Bundle

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She’s got her eyes on the prize — until her new boss takes it for himself.

I’ve put everything I have into building a life for myself. Evenings. Weekends. I’m up before dawn to be the best.

Nothing less will do at the most demanding photography studio in New York City.

I’m so close to my dreams coming true that I can taste them. A promotion. A steady paycheck. A ticket to any job in the industry.

Jax Hunter changes all that with a stroke of his pen.

Owning the studio where I work will never be enough for the insatiable billionaire.

He wants to own me, too. 

And worse yet?

I’m willing to accept his offer…

Dirty Rich Chapter 1 Look Inside

I’m on the verge of losing my breath. He looks down at me, the expression in his eyes a shifting combination of concern and irritation. “What’s wrong?” 

“I don’t—” I swallow hard. “I can’t go to this party with you. Look at this house. I don’t belong here.” Jax steps closer to me, looking like he’s either going to laugh or sigh. 

My next breath is an undignified gulp, and then I get myself together…just enough.

He considers me with eyes the color of steel. In the sunlight outside, I know they’d be as blue as the ocean. I want to look away—he’s blinding.

“Catherine—Cate. What do you think is going to happen in there?” 

“I don’t know,” I say, the last word coming out in a shameful gasp. “I work in fashion, for god’s sake. I’m not on their level.” 

Now Jax does laugh. “Who gives a damn what they think? They’re people, Cate.” He leans down, putting his strong hands on either side of my waist, and puts his mouth next to my ear. “You look incredible. Not one person in there will think for an instant you don’t belong. You’re with me, remember?” The heat from his breath sends shivers of pleasure down my spine. I want his hands all over me. 

Maybe, for today, I can go along with it. Once I make the decision, the muscles in my shoulders relax. Jax feels it too, and presses in on my waist with a hint of pressure before letting go and offering me his arm again. Yes.

For one day only, I’ll allow myself to enter his world. It’ll all be over by tomorrow. 

The carriage will turn back into a pumpkin, and I’ll be back on the other side of the wall with Sandra, fighting to keep Basiqué—and my job—alive. 

Today, I’m Cinderella.

Unveiling an exclusive bundle of 10 intoxicating billionaire romances that will set your heart aflame, with an added bonus—a sizzling enemies-to-lovers tale, absolutely FREE.

This is an invitation to a world of opulence, desire, and forbidden attractions, an offer whispered only to the chosen few.

“Let’s make an arrangement.” 

I can’t breathe. For a few seconds, I can’t speak. My face burns.

I swallow hard and match his whispered tone. “What kind of arrangement?”

His proposal? Unbridled passion, no strings attached.

But as the days pass, the lines between business and pleasure blur, and I find myself yearning for more than just a fleeting affair.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Steamy!🔥 I was hooked from the beginning. The characters draw you in and leave you gasping for more. More!!!!" -Amazon Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The chemistry is intense and fairly sizzles...everyone within the vicinity will get singed!" -Amazon Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This book is a must read. If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!" -Amazon Reviewer

Featured Book: Dirty Rich by Amelia Wilde

Your Exclusive Bundle Includes:

☑ Dirty Rich (A tantalizing boss-employee affair)

☑ Dirty Royal (Royal allure meets raw passion)

☑ Dirty Rogue (A hero with scars, a love that heals)

☑ Dirty Ransom (Danger, desire, and a damsel in distress)

☑ Dirty Rumor (A billionaire's broken heart and the quest for redemption)

☑ Reckless Kiss (A forbidden romance that defies all odds)

☑ Fearless Kiss (When opposites ignite)

☑ Shameless Kiss (A modern-day Cinderella story)

☑ Ruthless Kiss (From enemies to passionate lovers)

☑ Priceless Kiss (A billionaire's daring rescue)

☑ FREE BONUS: Net Worth (A tale of enemies, love, and a tortured hero)

Dare to surrender to Desire. Dive deep into this billionaire romance collection and let the stories sweep you off your feet. Secure your bundle now, and embark on a journey of passion and intrigue. Don't miss out—yield to the temptation.

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