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Amelia Wilde

The Billionaire Gods Bundle

The Billionaire Gods Bundle

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If you've read King of Shadows and want to binge the rest of the series, this bundle is for you! It does not contain King of Shadows. 

CONTENT WARNING: These are dark romances. Be forewarned!

★  This series blew my mind! Hot, twisted, intense, emotional and deliciously dark. It's gripping, it is raw, it is enticing and it is sinfully consuming. –Goodreads reviewer

Hades stops me from turning my head. He makes me look at him instead.

I know, instinctively, that it’s over if I get on the train. That these are the last moments I have to make an argument.

“Isn’t there anyone else? Anyone else for you to f-fuck?”

The corner of his mouth curves in a deadly line. “No one else I want.”

My mother told me he wanted me dead.

It only occurs to me now, belatedly, that being alive for what’s next might be worse.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Whatever I please.”

A frustrated sob escapes me.

“Don’t hold back.” His hand tightens on my throat. “I’m very much enjoying the sound of your tears. It’s such a…” He cocks his head to the side, leaving a bare inch of space for the night to rush into. “It’s such a pure sadness. Lovely.”

“I hate you.”

Hades laughs. My knees wobble. I hope, I pray, that he didn’t feel it. He lets go of me and steps back, considering me from a few feet away. Silhouetted there in the moonlight, the night drawing him in bold strokes…

Something is different about him. Something’s wrong. Shadows play over his face in a way that’s not right. Like he’s pulling the moonlight into his dark heart and bleeding it dry of its brightness. The moon loves him, the night loves him, and he takes all that love for himself, all that moon-glow and darkness.

There’s none left for me.

My own breath is harsh over the hum of the train and the whoosh of the wind in the leaves.

“I haven’t hurt you, have I? Not yet.” A grin flashes across his face, teeth white in the strange shadows. He radiates a mean confidence. It comes off him in waves. My mother said the city has violence, but Hades is violence. His dog whines. “I’ve left the flowers in your hair.”

“If you were being kind, you would have killed me already, rather than playing with me like this.” He’s torturing me now without touching me. A better man wouldn’t put me through this crushing terror, but he loves it.

An unspeakable fear closes my throat. The wondering tone about the flowers shakes me to the core.

“Playing with you?” He slips his hands into his pockets, standing tall. “If I recall correctly, you were running for the train. Now you’re on it.”

“Whatever you’re going to do, just…do it now. Please.”

★ "Literally could not put this book down. Hades will haunt your dreams." - Goodreads reviewer

★ Now I've read this twice... that's right, TWICE! I couldn't get enough of him in the first round, that I had to go back to the beginning and read it ALL OVER AGAIN! That is how much this story drew me in and wouldn't let me go. This is a perfect retelling of a classic mythological tale. It's intense, and will have you so fully under its spell you won't want to come back to reality. –Goodreads reviewer

Exclusive Offer Just For You!

Embark on a journey where classic myths are reborn with a dark, romantic twist. Let these billionaire romances sweep you off your feet and into a world where passion knows no bounds.

Your Bundle Includes: 

☑ Summer Queen and Midnight Kingdom to finish the Hades trilogy!

The Zeus Trilogy 

The Poseidon Trilogy 

Hero Worship, a free bonus book!

Full List of Included Books

☑ King of Shadows

☑ Summer Queen

☑ Midnight Kingdom

☑ Richer Than God

☑ Sweeter Than Sin

☑ Darker Than Night

☑ The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

☑ A Deal with the Devil

☑ Devil May Care

☑ BONUS BOOK: Hero Worship

☑ BONUS NOVELLA: Forget Me Not

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