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Amelia Wilde

Nightshade (Exclusive Preorder)

Nightshade (Exclusive Preorder)

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He’s lost his heart — so he wants to break hers.

When Gio lost the love of his life, he locked his feelings up for good in the vault that held his billions. But now, with nothing left to lose, he wants answers. Even if they hurt.

He’s a dying man. What could possibly be worse than death?

Demeter is a dangerous woman, and she knows it. Cloistered on a mountain for both her safety and others’, she spends her days tending to her garden.

Until Gio shows up, unannounced and unafraid of asking Demeter questions she’s run from for years.

As the irresistible echoes of their past draw them closer than ever, Demeter must face the real reason she left—and the fact that there isn’t enough time for a second chance. 

✨PREORDER BONUS: Readers who preorder directly from me will receive digital art of Demeter & Gio when the book drops!

✨ PREORDER STRETCH BONUS: If Demeter gets 1000 preorders, the book will include an exclusive bonus scene!

Releases July 1, 2024! This is the exclusive ebook preorder for Nightshade by USA Today Bestselling Author Amelia Wilde. 

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