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Amelia Wilde

Hero Worship Signed Paperback

Hero Worship Signed Paperback

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He has just one task: making her his own.

The day Hercules laid a fist against another man was the day he realized he’d spend forever wanting the one woman he didn’t deserve. Defending her honor came with a price — but with the time served and battle scars endured, absence has only intensified feelings that not even a god could force into submission...

Daisy has long since learned to spill her pain onto a canvas — paintings of the hidden terrors that torture her by night have made her name as an artist. But none of them show the darkness Daisy truly fears: the deepest, unspoken desires of her body.

When their paths cross for the first time since adolescence, Herc is determined to step into the fray and defeat Daisy’s demons. At least, until he can show this dark, tormented goddess exactly what she’s capable of...

Hero Worship is a second-generation novel featuring Hades's daughter (King of Shadows), Daisy, and the one man she can't let go of, Hercules. If you miss Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon, now's your chance to come home!


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