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Amelia Wilde

Close Call

Close Call

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Sometimes, the greatest danger comes from those who are closest of all...

Jameson Hill is no stranger to a prison cell—but this one feels strangely worth it. He might have released Lily Hayes into the arms of her relieved family, but she wasn’t theirs anymore. Not really. And there’s no way she can be his, either. Not now...

Yet there’s more than Stockholm Syndrome at play when Lily arrives to bail Jameson out of jail.

The moment she’s back in his sights, everything changes. Jameson’s family needs him. When he drops everything to be by his brother’s side, Lily has to go, too.

Jameson has to protect her. And the only way to protect her is to put a ring on her finger.

But even a diamond can’t protect them from his past, and as danger looms, Jameson finds himself backed into a corner of his own creation. Until fate delivers the knockout blow...

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